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Fiberglass Acid Storage Tanks

Fiberglass acid storage tanks have wide product range. Fiberglass tanks can be used for various acid types in specific concentration rates and tempatures. You can have a look at resistance table. ViewRead More...
By : izoplas | Oct 9, 2018

Underground Water Tanks and Septic Tanks

Underground water tanks and septic tanks productions continue. Last quarter of 2017 is active for us both in Turkey and other countries. We view some special and standard products for you thatRead More...
By : izoplas | Jan 23, 2018

Large Capacity Fiberglass Tanks Production

Large capacity fiberglass tanks’ manufacturing continue. We are manafacturing our large capacity tanks with fiberglass high durability. Dimensions are standart for large capacity tanks because of safety shipping to all over world.Read More...
By : izoplas | May 29, 2017

Waste Water Treatment Tanks – Bosnia

Waste water treatment tanks are produced for AG Metal and delivered to Zenica, Bosnia. You could supply our products via AG Metal in Bosnia from now on. They also supply mechanical equipmentsRead More...
By : izoplas | Mar 31, 2017

Septic Tanks for Hyundai Engineering

Septic  tanks’ usage are increasing and our septic tanks are delivered all over world with Izoplas brand. For bidding that we won on July of 2016, we finished our production process andRead More...
By : izoplas | Nov 18, 2016

Vinylester Acid Tanks Productions

Productions of vinylester acid tanks continue. For acid stocking in a certain concentration rate and tempature, vinylester acid tanks will be solution partner. Acid tanks productions are supplied as project-focused. Production capability withRead More...
By : izoplas | Oct 25, 2016

60m3 Fiberglass Vertical Water Tank

60m3 Fiberglass Vertical Water Tank, is produced for Akdeniz Kimya Company and it is delivered to facilities of Akdeniz Kimya in Izmir. It has 9 meter height dimension and it is suitableRead More...
By : izoplas | Jun 15, 2016

24m3 Silo Tanks – APS Ambalaj

Silo tanks productions continue. You can see all details about 24m3 silo tanks that are produced for APS Ambalaj production facilities. Tanks are produced for stocking of hypochloride acid. Production is madeRead More...
By : izoplas | Jun 1, 2016

5m3 Separator Septic Tank – SSang Yong

5m3 separator septic tank is produced for SSang Yong Company and it is delivered to facilities in Iraq.Separator septic tanks are separated liquid and solid waste from each other inside of it. SoRead More...
By : izoplas | Jun 1, 2016

60m3 Silo Tank Fiberglass

60m3 silo tank is the biggest silo tank production in Turkey as fiberglass. We are working to response all demands from all over the world for all fiberglass products. Tank is producedRead More...
By : izoplas | May 24, 2016

60m3 Water Tanks – Azfen

60m3 water tanks production process is completed and products are delivered to Azerbaijan for Azfen. Tanks are produced with Izoplas quality standarts and have warranty for 5 years against to production defects.Read More...
By : izoplas | May 24, 2016

About Us

Izoplas is established in beginning of 1970’s.Eşref Hayrioğlu is the owner of company, took over all rights of Izoplas in 1984’s and now continue to tank production at facilitiy in Istanbul.

We are the first producer of poliester water and acid tanks in Turkey.We had produced FRP bathtubes until  2014’s and stopped the production.Presently, tank production and composited products’ production is proceeded with the best quality and good price policy.

With alternative product dimensions and wide product range, we are working for meeting the demands from all over world.Besides water tanks, we are producing chemical storage tanks, silo tanks, septic tanks and special edition fiberglass tanks and deliver these products to all over world.

“The indispensable case is Quality, since 1984”

The first tank of Turkey produced by İzoplas : 

  • 84’s – Poliester water and chemical tanks
  • 90’s – Acid Tanks
  • 10’s – 100m3 Horizontal Underground Septic and Water Tanks
  • 12’s – 77m3 Horizontal Acid Tanks
  • 14’s – 24m3 Silo Acid Tanks
  • 16’s – 60m3 Chemical Silo Tanks

Production Facilitiy

Production Facility

Production Facility

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