100m3 fiberglass water tank is the biggest tank of this category. It can be increased but for easy transportation, it is the last product. Vertical tank is not preferable because of its height dimension. Tanks are usefull for big facilities that water storage is required. Its strength and high tempature resistance is so high. We supply 10 years warranty for our 100m3 fiberglass water tank. All legs are iron and it has 9 legs. There are dividing walls inside of tank to support tank. It can be also produced for underground.

There is no production as polythene tank for 100m3.

100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

Tank Dimensions

Horizontal Tank Width Height Length Cover Outlet Working Temp.
Alternative 1 310 cm 330 cm 1350 cm 70 cm 4″ (100mm) -20<°C<+70
Alternative 2 350 cm 370 cm 1050 cm 70 cm 4″ (100mm) -20<°C<+70
  • Horizontal tank has 9 iron legs. These legs are assembled to tank with iron sheets.
  • Dimensions are changable but there no so many alternatives because of transportation. Cover and outlet dimensions can be changed.
  • For any requests you can contact with us. Contact
Vertical Tank Width Height Cover Outlet Working Temp.
Alternative 1 310 cm 1360 cm 70 cm 4″ (100mm) -20<°C<+70
Alternative 2 350 cm 1060 cm 70 cm 4″ (100mm) -20<°C<+70
  • Vertical tanks are not so preferable because of its height dimensions.
  • Tanks’ bottom side is flat you can install your tank onto concrete ground.
  • Outlet and cover dimensions are changable.

Warranty Terms

Fiberglass water tanks have warranty for 10 years against to production defects.

  • You  should install your tank on concrete ground.
  • Please be careful during unloading of tank.
  • Don’t interfere to tank with any driller or cutter materials.
  • It is better to use flex pipe during plumbing.
  • Don’t lift water tank from its outlet pipe or cover.
  • Don’t move or lift your tank when it is full.
  • To make cleaning of tank once a year is important for tank useful life.
  • If you have any problem with your tank, please contact with responsives.


3 thoughts on “100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

  1. Dear Sir
    Could you pleas inform us if you can supply ( 100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank) to Iraq – Basra .
    As follow:-
    1-Prices , with Datasheet please.
    3-Period of supply
    4-Certificate of origin Certified from Iraqi Embassy in your country when supply
    5-shipping and Delivery to Iraq-Basra. ( by land)

    **Please Confirm Receipt and reply us AS Soon AS Possible
    Anwar Albashair Co

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your comment. The demanded informations are sent to your mail address.

      Best Regards,

      Izoplas Sales Team.

  2. Please provide me with your prince for:
    – 50m3 Fiberglass Water Tank
    – 60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank
    – 100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank
    including delivery to Büyükçekmece – Istanbul.

    Thank You

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