3m3 septic tank is produced as fiberglass and it is suitable for underground. You can see the product dimensions and other specifications at below. If you need any changing about tank, you can contact with us. There are some equipments on septic tanks for easy installation and long useful life. Septic tanks production is different from standart fiberglass tanks. They are thicker and manhole is longer than standart tanks. Also there is no outlet valve on septic tanks. They have some advantages comparison with concrete septic tanks.

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Less costly
  • Mass Production
  • Longer useful life
  • Uncorrosioned.
3m3 Septic Tank

3m3 Septic Tank

3m3 Septic Tank

Tank Dimensions

Horizontal Tank Width Height Length Manhole Inlet Working Temp.
Alternative 1 144 cm 175 cm 215 cm 50 cm Ø150 -20<°C<+70
Alternative 2 120 cm 160 cm 250 cm 50 cm Ø100 -20<°C<+70
Equipments Ventilator Lifters Dividing Walls Underground
dn50 2 pcs. No Yes
  • For vertical tanks, you can add 25 cm over length dimension. Height dimension will be cancelled.
  • You can download embedding instruction at below.

Vertical tanks are not so preferable as septic because of height dimension.

For any request or question, you can contact with us.

Embedding Instructions

Features of Septic Tanks

  • Septic tanks have warranty for five years against to production defects.
  • The ground that tank will be install, should be concrete.
  • You should prepare your tank place according to instructions.
  • Please be careful during unloading of tank from truck.
  • You can use lifters for unloading.
  • You should pour sand or soil over tank from as close distance as possible.
  • There shouldn’t be any hard material inside of sand or soil. (Ex: stone)
  • Septic tanks are produced for underground.
  • All septic tanks are fiberglass. And they are produced more durable than other tank types.
  • Tanks are uncorrosioned. They aren’t deformed at underground.
  • With helping of lifters on tank, you can put your tank to underground easily.

One thought on “3m3 Septic Tank

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are writing on behalf of the company R&T Group in Tirana-Albania ( http://www.rt-grp.com ). Among other activities we are interested for your production of Plastic Septic Tanks with the volumes described below :

    20m3 Septic Tank
    10m3 Septic Tank
    5m3 Septic Tank
    3m3 Septic Tank

    Kindly indicate the unit prices for each type, delivery time FOB Durres, Albania and modalities of payment in $ US. Below you can find the address to be used on purpose.
    Eager to have your soonest reply on the matter,
    Best Regards,
    Emil Qesteri, Dipl.Eng.

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