60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

60m3 fiberglass water tank can be produced as horizontal or vertical. Generally, this tank is prefered as horizontal. Because of height dimension of vertical tank is so high. So that it is not so usefull for facilities or other areas that tank will install. Big volume tanks are prefered by production facilities, construcion companies. Fiberglass water tanks tempature resistance is high comparison with other tanks. Also its strength is high. Fiberglass tanks are not affected by weather conditions. We design fiberglass tanks different for 60m3 and over.

There is no production as polythene tank for that volume.

60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank
60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank

Horizontal 60m3 Fiberglass Water Tank


Size 1Size 2
Width310 cm250 cm
Height325 cm270 cm
Length832 cm1250 cm
DrawingSize 1Size 2

Need To Know

Size 1 can be transported with low bed trailer.
Size 2 can be shipped with standard truck or flat rack container.

Vertical 100m3 Fiberglass Water Tank


Width310 cm
Height825 cm
DrawingStandard Size

Need To Know

Standard size can be transported with low bed trailer.
For more alternative dimensions, please contact with us.

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