Chemical Tank Productions Continue

Fiberglass and polythene chemical tank productions supply storage of chemicals with different concentration rates. Polythene acid tanks are produced as standard and dimensions cannot be changed. In addition, polythene acid tanks can be produced in certain volumes as silo type. It can provide resistance to all acids to be stored at ambient temperature in all concentrated ratios.

Polyester acid tanks are a solution partner for different sizes and details. It allows the stocking of acids at certain concentrations and at different temperatures. The polyester tanks that we produce by using 3 different resins provide resistance for acids in different concentrated ratios. Resistance tables:

Polyester Chemical Tank Productions

They are chemical storage tanks that can be produced as horizontal, vertical, silo and mixer on demand. You can examine the tank samples that we have completed the production of.

50 Ton Horizontal Chemical Tank

The 50 tons polyester horizontal acid tank we produce for sodium sulfate storage has been designed in line with the demand from the company. Manufacturing has been completed with using vinylester epoxy resin.