Poliester horizontal tanks can be produced from 100 liter to 100.000 liter with alternative dimensions. Strength of poliester tanks are so high for all volumes.

Poliester Horizontal Tanks

With the wide production capability and alternative dimensions for all volumes, poliester water tanks are preferable since 1980’s. There are so many advantages of poliester water tanks.

  • Poliester tanks can be produced in all volumes. We can produce a poliester tank with volume of 8750 liter.
  • For a tank with same capacity, we can supply more alternative dimensions.
  • Outlets and inlets sizes and positioning on tank  can be changed accordingly your request.
  • Poliester water tanks are repairable. Even if many years later of purchasing, it can be repaired if it has any problem.
  • Poliester tanks are durable to weather conditions. Maximum working tempature of tanks is 70ºc.
  • For container shipping, we can supply production to 49500 liter with 2300 mm diameter.
  • For shipping with standard trucks, we can supply production to 60 cubic meter with 2500 mm diameter.

Poliester Horizontal Tanks Dimensions

For each of product we can supply alternative dimensions.

1m3100 cm115 cm130 cmVisit
2m3120 cm135 cm190 cmVisit
3m3140 cm155 cm210 cmVisit
5m3180 cm200 cm210 cmVisit
10m3200 cm220 cm345 cmVisit
15m3230 cm250 cm390 cmVisit
20m3250 cm270 cm435 cmVisit
25m3300 cm320 cm382 cmVisit
30m3310 cm330 cm435 cmVisit
40m3310 cm330 cm567 cmVisit
50m3310 cm325 cm680 cmVisit
60m3310 cm325 cm832 cmVisit
100m3310 cm325 cm1360 cmVisit

Terms of Use

Poliester tanks have warranty for 5 years against to production defects.

  • You should place your tank onto concreted ground.
  • Please be careful during tank’ installing process.
  • Don’t lift your tank from its manway or outlet pipes.
  • Don’t interfere to tank with any driller or cutter materials.
  • Please be careful during unloading of tank from truck.
  • All legs of tank should touch to on ground.
  • Don’t move or lift your tank when it is full.
  • You should clean it once in a year. It is important for tank’ usefull life.
  • If you have any problem with your poliester tanks, contact with responsives.
Tank Images