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Polythene cubic tanks are produced from 100 liter to 500 liter. There is no chance to increase volume of tanks and change their dimensions.Elastic structure of polythene, production is limited with these products.

Polythene Cubic Tanks
Polythene Cubic Tanks

Polythene Cubic Tanks

Specifications of Cubic Tank

  • Cubic tanks production is limited to 500 liter for volumetrical.
  • Dimensions are standart and there is no chance to change them.
  • Cover diameter is also standart.
  • These cubic tanks are usefull where the height of area is short that tank will install.
  • Tanks can be produced as blue or white.
  • Polythene cubic tank don’t affected by weather conditions.
  • Polythene cubic tank are stainless and uncorrosioned.

Dimensions of Polythene Cubic Tanks

100 Liter Polythene Cubic Tank

Working Tempature-10<º