Underground water tanks are produced as fiberglass and resisted to pressure. Fiberglass underground water tanks have dividing walls inside of it and support tanks  against to load that will come on it.

Underground Water Tanks

Underground Water Tanks

Production can be supplied up to 100 cbm. Also we can design tanks accordingly different pump types.


  • Production is fiberglass.
  • For all capacities we can supply production up to 100 m3.
  • Sizes are changable accordingly project.
  • Production can be supplied as vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and cubic.
  • Our production is supplied accordingly EN 976-1 standarts.
  • All tests are made in our own laboratory.
  • Fiberglass tanks are stainless and noncorrosive.

Dimensions and Details

If you need any further information or question, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. All standard tanks are produced accordingly 30 cm elavation level. For more elevation level you should inform us. Tank design will be changed accordingly your request. Also inlet, outlet and all other equipments needs, please infom us about that.

1m3 Underground Water Tank

Width100 cm
Heigth135 cm
Length130 cm