Silo tanks have 2 different production types. We can produce these tanks as fiberglass or polythene. These tanks are generally used by industrial fabric and chemical liquids production companies. Also these tanks are useful for liquid packaging fabric.

24 Ton Fiberglass Hypo Silo Tanks

Silo Tanks

Poliester Tanks

There are two different production type for poliester tanks. The first one is for acid tanks and the second one is for water.

1Access ManwayFRP, at least 70 cm
2InletPVC in any size
3Monitor Cover462 mm, Lockable
4Lifting Lugs100*100*10 mm
5VentilationPVC Elbow
6Level GaugePVC, min. 20mm
7OutletTo take sample
8OutletPVC, in any size
9Tank LegsAt least 3 pcs.
10Conic SupportMetal coated FRP
11SupportFrom leg to conic
12AnchorageFor fixing of tank