Septic tanks is produced for stocking of solid and liquid waste. When tank is full, it will be drained by sewage trucks. These tanks are required where there isn’t any cesspool.

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks Specifications

  • Septic tanks are suitable for undergrounds. These tanks are produced thicker than standart tanks.
  • Tanks are uncorrosioned. Even it is at underground, it won’t be oxidized.
  • Products don’t affected by weather conditions.
  • Production is mass. Production is completed as soon as possible even if it is not in stock.
  • Installing is easy. After you take your tank to underground, it will be enough to put sewer pipe inside of tank.
  • Septic tanks can be produced in all volumes.
  • Dimensions can be changed according to your project.
  • Inlet pipe’ location on tank can be changed. Also its dimension is changable.
  • We can produce septic tanks how you want.

Septic Tanks Dimensions

VolumeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Inlet Pipe (mm)Manhole (mm)Dividing Wall (pcs.)Lifter (pcs.)Airing Pipe (mm)
1000 Liter
2000 Liter120016001900100500250
3000 Liter1440175021501505001250
5000 Liter1800220020001505001250
10000 Liter20002400335020050012100
15000 Liter23002700360020050012100
20000 Liter25002900420020050022100
30000 Liter30003300420020050022100
40000 Liter30003300560020050022100
50000 Liter31003400660025070022100
60000 Liter31003400790025070022100
70000 Liter31003400930030070033100
80000 Liter310034001050030070033100
90000 Liter310034001180030070044100
100000 Liter310034001350030070044100
More About Izoplas Septic Tanks

For our septic tanks, we take measures against to all problems can be occured. Our primary measures for septic tanks are :

  1. Dividing Walls :
    1. Dividing walls are neccessary for soil pressure that will be on tank.They support tank against to this pressure.
  2. Ventilation :
    1. When tank is full, sewage truck will pour tank. During this process there will be airing pressure inside the tank. Ventilation will decrease this pressure.
  3. Lifters :
    1. Lifters are important during taking tank to underground. It will be easy to install your tank with the help of lifters.
Septic Tank Production Schema
Septic Tank Production Schema

Septic Tank Production Schema

  1. Body
    1. Body is produced according to demanded tank volume. First of all body part of tank is produced as flat and made cylindrical after required hardness.
  2. Covers
    1. Covers are produced on specific mold. We determine according to demanded tank widthness to which mold will be used.
  3. Tank Legs
    1. We determine how many legs will be fixed to tank according to tank’ length and tank’ volume.
  4. Manhole
    1. This part could be used for pouring of tank by sewage truck. Also you can control tank’s fullness ratio.
  5. Inlet Pipe
    1. This part is that you will put your sewage pipe into it. Its dimension and location on tank can be changed.
  6. Airing Pipe
    1. This part will help to tank when sewage truck pour it.
  7. Lifters
    1. Lifters will help you during unloading of tank. Also you can use it take tank to underground.
  8. Dividing Walls
    1. Dividing walls will support tank against to soil pressure. We determine its quantity according to tank’s volume.
Septic Tanks Warranty Process

Septic tanks have warranty for 5 years against to production defects.

Terms of Use
  • Place of tank should prepare considering to technical data sheet that is sent you.
  • Ground should be concrete that tank will be put.
  •  Concrete ground stifness should be designated considering to tank’ volume. We offer reinforced concrete ground for 50m3 and over tanks.
  • Please be careful during of unloading tank from truck.
  • Pour soil over tank slowly. And stop the pouring at manhole level. If there is a rising ratio at your location, please inform us. Tank will be designed according to this.
  • Please be careful that there shouldn’t be any hard material (ex. stone) in sand that you will pour over tank.
  • During carrying or unloading of tank, don’t use any equipments except of lifters on tank.

If the instructions for septic tank isn’t sent to you, please ask for responsives for document.